Romeo & Juliet

The Wheelhouse Theater Company sets out to break with cliche in tackling Shakespeare's most iconic love story, mining the polarities of comedy and tragedy, love and hate, through playful, ensemble-driven work which lies at the heart of the Wheelhouse approach to theater. Recognizing that the latter half of the play mirrors the first, we strive to set up a great height of comedic joy from which to fall into the depths of tragedy ... a tragedy which proves to be the only possible antidote to breaking the cycle of conflict embedded in a divided status quo that feels eerily familiar to our current cultural climate. 


The Black Box
354 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036


June 23-25, 27 @ 7:30PM


June 28-June 30 @ 7:30PM
July 1, 5-9 @ 7:30PM

Cast:  Cary Donaldson, Rachel Mewbron, Rebecca S'Manga Frank, David Kenner, Mairin Lee and Brendan Titley, 

Director: Jeff Wise and Matt Harrington
Scene Design: Brittany Vasta
Lighting Design: Drew Florida
Costume Design: Lilah Fisher

One of the biggest challenges that we all face in attempting such an iconic play as “Romeo and Juliet” is our own preconceived ideas of what the play should be and is supposed to look like. In an effort to keep ourselves honest, Matt and I decided to split the directorial responsibilities, which will hopefully keep us from falling into the trap of one individual idea...a sort of creative veto power over each other. The result will hopefully be a highly collaborative, physical, inventive take on the established masterpiece. I feel this process mirrors a theme most important to Shakespeare in the writing of this play that examines the need of a jarring event (spoiler alert: the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet) to break the status quo (the ancient and unexplained grudge between Montague and Capulet).
— Jeff Wise, Director